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A History of Service

For more than 25 years, The Toxicology and Drug Analysis Laboratory has provided a wide variety of drug testing and detection services to schools, industry, law enforcement, and the private sector throughout New Orleans and Greater Louisiana, as well as across the country.

A Qualified Laboratory

Our laboratory has been nationally accredited through COLA's Urine Drug Testing program. This certification ensures the validity of all the results reported out by our laboratory. The notorious horror stories of false positives, specimen mix-ups, and lost samples are not true of our laboratory. Furthermore, all laboratory collectors maintain current Department of Transportation certification for DOT urine and breath alcohol collections.

A Dedicated Team

We at the Toxicology and Drug Analysis Laboratory are committed to accuracy, efficiency, and customer service. With all of our services centralized within one office, we provide a convenient and customer-friendly environment to expedite all of your needs.

For a tour of the laboratory facilities or further information, please contact us at 504-333-6163.